Who We Help

Solicitors & Case Managers

We work with those that commission our services with one goal in mind: enabling clients to live comfortable and independent lives.


At CompleteCare Amegreen, we recognise that each of our clients, and their care needs, is unique. That’s why, from the very start of the commissioning process we seek to understand our clients’ background, story and expectations so that we can build a care solution that is holistic, flexible and aspirational.

We know that building trust with commissioners is central to delivering effective and sustainable services to our clients. We achieve that by meeting and exceeding the expectations of commissioners, both through the commissioning process and in the delivery of high-quality care.

We understand that solicitors and case managers often seek to identify a service provider at a critical time for their clients, often pending legal award. Through our experience, we appreciate the sensitivities and challenges the legal process can present and are responsive to need.

We find that we can achieve the best outcomes for our clients where we are able to form positive and constructive relationships with those commissioning care on behalf of our clients. This is best achieved by working collaboratively from the outset of the commissioning process and through the lifetime of care delivery.