Who We Help

Parents & Families

We understand that arranging care for a loved one with complex care needs can be stressful and challenging; having the right provider in place can make all the difference.

The relationships we have with our clients’ parents and families are fundamental to the successful provision of care. Coming to terms with a loved one’s illness or injury, finding the right care provider and having that provider enter the family home can all present significant challenges.

At CompleteCare Amegreen we seek to build trusting relationships with the parents and families of our clients from the outset, involving them in decisions regarding care, listening to them and making sure they understand how we operate at all stages. We recognise that reassurance, communication and consistency of contact are essential in relieving any concerns.

On occasion where a family member has been the main carer, we understand that transition to a care provider can be a very sensitive time. We recognise that families are often the experts in these circumstances, and willingly work with them to learn routines, activities, and nuances of the client to allow continuity of care, and make sure they feel part of ongoing care provision should they wish.

We see it as a privilege to be invited to provide care in a client’s home and we work together with families to make sure we have a positive impact on family life, and remain respectful of our role in the family home. Of course every family is different and we respond to their wishes accordingly.

Our clinical and operational teams are integral to maintaining strong relationships with our clients, and their families. Following first contact, we will introduce the appointed Nurse and Operational Manager to the client and their family and they will remain in close, regular contact throughout the journey with us.