Who We Help


We understand the importance of being responsive to our clients’ needs, be that helping a client come home, making a change to clinical care, or simply enabling a variation in routine.


When we are appointed to care for a client, our priority is to get our care services up and running safely and swiftly. Our three dedicated regional mobilisation teams allow us to respond rapidly to the requirements of new clients. This is particularly important when we are bringing a client home after a period in hospital.


In order to establish long-lasting relationships between a client, their family and carers, we seek to match clients and our personal care assistants on the basis of personality, interests and experiences. Initially we will always explore strong matches with our existing personal care assistants; recruiting from our existing pool of people ensures that we can respond even more efficiently in setting up services. However, we are also ready to recruit new personal care assistants, based on our clients’ requirements, to provide the best bespoke care possible.

Our regional recruitment teams identify, match and introduce permanent members of the care team to our clients and their family, allowing us to quickly transition to permanent care arrangements.

What’s more, through use of our specialist vetting agency, Procius, we are able to complete reference checks for new employees within a maximum of 14 days, allowing us to rapidly bring personal care assistants onboard.


We also recognise that our clients’ care needs and wishes may change over time. Our dedicated care teams are not only in regular contact with our clients, but regularly review their care arrangements to ensure that the care we are providing accurately reflects their needs, and remains structured around our clients’ ongoing goals and wishes.