Who We Help


We always keep one goal in mind: enabling our clients to live comfortable and independent lives. To achieve this, we work with commissioners from both the public and private sectors.


At CompleteCare Amegreen, we recognise that every client is different and their care needs unique. From the start, we seek to quickly understand each of our client’s background, story and the expectations they have of their care provider, allowing us to create a care solution that is holistic, flexible and aspirational.

Understanding commissioning priorities and building trust is key to delivering this for our clients; we seek to achieve this by meeting and exceeding the expectations of commissioners, both through the commissioning process and in the delivery of high-quality care.

Our approach to providing care is focused on three main drivers:

  • Quality – delivering the highest quality care, grounded in clinical excellence;
  • Responsiveness taking a proactive approach, and responding swiftly to the needs of our clients and commissioners;
  • Cost-effectiveness – delivering value for money, without compromise in the delivery of an excellent, quality service.

In our experience, we can achieve the best outcomes for clients where the relationship between provider and commissioner is both positive and constructive. This is best established by working collaboratively from the outset of the commissioning process through the lifetime of care delivery.

We recognise that commissioning priorities differ, both in the context of client needs and the pressures of the procurement landscape. That’s why, in our approach to providing services for commissioners, we work closely with them to understand the environment in which they operate and flex our approach to suit.