What We Do

Ventilation & Airway Management

We work with clients throughout England and Wales, with a range of complex conditions.

Helping to manage these conditions in the home can require a high level of clinical care, and complex interventions, such as ventilator management.

Spinal cord injuriesbrain injuries and neurological disorders, such as motor neurone disease or muscular dystrophy, can all lead to the need for ventilator care and support.

We build our care around our clients; understanding their requirements and the nuances of their care before putting together a bespoke care and support plan to reflect their needs.

We’re committed to upholding the highest standards of clinical care in the home. Through dedicated nurse-led training and supervision, we give our personal care assistants the skills and knowledge to be able to support the clients in their care requiring ventilator support.

This extensive training includes:

  • tracheostomy care;
  • tracheostomy changes;
  • tracheal suction;
  • ambu-bagging;
  • chest percussion; and
  • administration of oxygen therapy.

What’s more, our robust clinical governance processes ensure that quality, safety, and management of risk are always central to the service we provide. Our nurse-led approach means that our people are able to proactively support the health and wellbeing of clients requiring ventilator care, and reduce the risk of complications developing in the home.

For the families of ventilated or ventilator dependent clients, ventilator care can be a challenging prospect, which makes our expert support invaluable. We provide support not only to our clients, but also to those closest to them, to enable life in the home to continue as smoothly as possible.