What We Do

Complex Care

We provide bespoke, nurse-led complex care in the home to clients with a range of complex needs, throughout England & Wales. Enabling independence, choice, and the chance to live life to the full.

Living with a complex condition doesn’t mean an end to ordinary life, and it certainly doesn’t leave residential care as the only option.

Since 1996 we’ve been providing high quality, complex care in the home, to clients with a range of complex healthcare needs. From spinal injury, to brain injury; degenerative conditions, to congenital disease, through our nurse-led, tailored approach we provide the support our clients need to manage their condition and maintain the lifestyle they choose.

Working with such a range of clients with high dependency care needs and conditions means that our people are skilled in a number of interventions, varying in complexity, including:

  • ventilation and airway management;
  • gastrostomy management;
  • bowel management;
  • medication management;
  • epilepsy awareness;
  • skin care regimes; and
  • use of a range of equipment.

Our approach

We take a holistic approach to the way we provide services; keeping the client at the heart of everything we do. We take great care to make sure each of our clients receives the kind of care that works for them. Our expert team of nurses assess each of our client’s clinical and social requirements to develop a bespoke, comprehensive care and lifestyle plan, that doesn’t just focus on the here and now, but on the future too. Our initial assessments guarantee a level of transparency, clinical risk evaluation, and provide a basis for training.

Everybody’s different, and the way we deliver our care takes that into account. Some of our clients need round the clock support from a team of multiple personal care assistants; others need lower levels of support, perhaps from just one team member; a number of our clients opt for the support of a live-in care assistant. To find out more about choosing the right care for you, click here.

We also recognise that things can change over time, which is why we continually reassess our clients’ needs to make sure that the care they receive is reflective of their need.

Our approach is centred around nurse-led clinical expertise, supported by fully trained personal care assistants, who provide day-to-day complex care under nurse supervision. All of our people undertake thorough mandatory induction training on joining CompleteCare Amegreen, contributing to the achievement of The Care Certificate.

We place great importance on the relationships our teams build with our clients; they’re central to ensuring that we can support all elements of our clients’ care. That’s why we also take the time to match our clients to a team of personal care assistants, based on shared interests and personality matching – because we know that if you’re welcoming somebody into your life and your home they’ve got to be the right fit.

Exceptional care and clinical excellence sit right at the heart of the way we work. Find out more about our culture, here. We’re committed to ensuring that they quality of our care is of the highest standard, as standard. That means continuously improving and pushing the boundaries of what quality means to us and our clients.