What We Do

Complex Behaviour

Challenging behaviour comes in many forms, and it affects not only the person experiencing it, but also those around them. Having the support in place to help communicate, understand, and manage such behaviour can make a huge difference.

We have a strong track record of working with and supporting people with complex behaviour. 25% of our existing clients have an acquired brain injury, a similar neurological condition, or present related challenging behaviour.

Who can we help?

We provide on-going rehabilitative support, monitoring and supervision for clients who may present challenging or complex behaviour.

We support people with a range of needs, both cognitive and physical, including those who have experienced a brain injury or who may suffer from another condition, eg. mental health issue, learning support, motor neurone disease, cerebral palsy or other neurological condition. And because we all know there’s no place like home, our focus is on delivering the required care in the home environment.  We also provide case support and case management services, offering a fast and efficient service to assess clients’ needs and the associated cost of continuing care.

How can we help?

We take a proactive, responsive and consistent approach to working with our clients, recognising the benefit to the client, and other involved parties, in putting together a comprehensive service focused on:

  • early intervention;
  • establishing relationships and clear lines of communication;
  • managing risk;
  • setting clear goals.

We pride ourselves on providing nurse- led care, tailored to the requirements of the individual. Our approach is inspired by a commitment to clinical excellence, and our expert team ensures we’re upholding these standards day in, day out.

Our senior team has a wealth of experience in the fields of brain injury, mental health and complex behaviour. They provide full training and on-going management of our clients’ care, care support and supervision of our care workers.

Our professional carers undergo a comprehensive, industry leading induction course and on-going training  to ensure they are fully capable to respond to the needs of clients in the home.

We recognise just how important it is to have the support that suits you. That’s why we take a holistic approach to care; working with our clients, their families, and all parties involved to reach the best outcome for the client. We’ll also put support in place for families as a whole, and provide access to counselling services where appropriate.

What’s more, we seek to enable our clients to achieve more; we promote independence, and help our clients to achieve their aspirations by putting in place structured care plans, clearly defined goals and pathways for development.